Solve 2019

SOLVE 2019: May 11th at Caltech's Baxter Hall

SOLVE, Math Academy's exciting annual competition, features both an individual event and a team event so students will have multiple opportunities to succeed. The students compete live in an auditorium in front of an audience so family and friends can cheer them on and see their skills firsthand. Our goal is to showcase the Math Academy students' advanced math skills to the public and provide them with a chance to impress everyone and have a blast!



The competition will be held on the Caltech campus, inside Baxter Hall and the Annenberg Center. Caltech is located at 1200 E. California Blvd.

Map of Caltech Campus


On Saturdays, free parking is available in any lot on campus, including carpool spaces. The only exception are spaces reserved with names.


This exciting competition will feature both an individual and team event so that students will have multiple opportunities to succeed. Participants will be competing live in the auditorium, so we encourage you to bring friends and family to cheer them on!

We will begin with the opening qualifying and semifinal rounds for both individual and team competitions across all grade levels. The finals for all events will be at the end of the day followed by an awards ceremony. Our goal is to showcase the Math Academy students' advanced math skills and to have a blast doing it!


Snacks and lunch will be provided for the competitors. Food trucks will be onsite for spectators to purchase food. You are also welcome to bring your own food, but please remember, there is no food or drink allowed in the auditorium. We will be hosting a family pizza party directly after the awards ceremony and welcome you to join us!


The divisions have been created to represent fairly what material the students covered so far this year.

Math I/II: McKinley 6th Grade, Sierra Madre 6th Grade, Washington STEAM 6th Grade

Math II/III: McKinley 7th Grade, Sierra Madre 7th Grade, Washington STEAM 7th/8th Grade

Calculus: McKinley 8th Grade. Sierra Madre 8th Grade

Multivariable Calculus & Linear Algebra: Pasadena High School


Registration is no longer available.

Schedule of Events

Schedule of Events.jpg

Check-in will begin at 7:30 am. Please note that we will be using both Baxter Hall and the Annenberg Center for the competition. The competition will run throughout the day ending with the awards ceremony at 4:25 pm, followed by a pizza party for competitors and families!


Highlights from Solve 2017

Last year's competition was held at Caltech's Baxter Hall.